Andrew Macias

G.I.S. Modeler & Analyst

About Me

Andrew Macias is a recent graduate and dedicated GIS Analyst with a strong background in geo-spatial technology and a passion for precision and efficiency. Through various professional and personal projects he has proven expertise in utilizing ArcGIS tools to manage, analyze, and visualize geographic data. He strives to find the best solutions for any and all problems and is a collaborative team player experienced in remote work environments. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography & Planning accompanied by a Certificate in Geo-spatial Technology. His educational career encompassed anthropogenic impacts on the environment, data visualization utilizing GIS, and foundational computer science concepts. Andrew is dedicated to building digital tools and continuous learning. He remains passionate about exploring new avenues and acquiring fresh knowledge as he progresses in his professional journey.


Infrastructure Dashboard

Bureau of Indian Affairs

This project involved creating a dashboard previewing data from the Bureau of Indian Affairs data. I specifically choose to compare the projects funded by the bipartisan infrastructure law with the various regions of the BIA and how they are correlated. This project was accomplished using webmaps, graphs, charts, and analysis tools.

Housing and Environment Suitability Model

Case Study: Vail, Colorado

This project addresses the challenge of balancing affordable housing and conservation of the Bighorn Sheep in Vail, Colorado. It proposes alternative areas for housing development that do not conflict with the sheep’s habitat. The study recommends rezoning or acquiring new land for affordable housing and suggests collaboration with Vail Corporation. The findings provide a basis for future decision-making on sustainable land development in Vail.

Water Availability & Security in Northern California

Case Study: Butte County, California

This project focuses on addressing water security challenges in Northern California. It aims to understand the impact of water shortages on the agricultural sector, particularly in Butte County, and assess the current status of water availability in the region. By examining the economic and environmental consequences of water scarcity and identifying vulnerable communities, the study seeks to inform targeted interventions and promote sustainable water use. The research considers the location of farms and the main crops grown, as well as the sources of water such as groundwater basins and reservoirs. The project highlights the need for a coordinated effort among stakeholders to address water insecurity for the long-term benefit of all communities.

Go Human Kit of Parts Pilot Project

Paradise, California

This project involved strategic planning, set up, and clean-up of the temporary street treatments, including barriers, colorful crosswalks, and signs. Specifically my team conducted surveys and gathered field notes to document observations and activities during the demonstrations. Based on our observations, the report provides recommendations for the process and organization of future demonstrations, improvements to the Kit of Parts materials, installation of colorful crosswalks, survey administration, interactions with people, and suggestions for infrastructure improvements in Paradise.

Website Development (Ongoing)

My website portfolio showcases my first personal project and the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of web development. Through extensive research, continuous learning, and harnessing apps and code, I strive to create innovative and unique digital experiences. With this project, I leveraged the power of WordPress to build a dynamic and captivating website. From securing a domain to meticulously formatting every aspect, I aimed to create an enjoyable browsing experience for visitors like you. Stay tuned for more upcoming projects and enhancements, as I continue to evolve and refine my skills in crafting exceptional online solutions. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you’ve been enjoying your journey through the website thus far!


G.I.S. Analyst & Consultant (Remote)

ABS Group Consulting Inc.

2023 – Present

  • Currently collaborating with a diverse team of partners from various organizations (AECOM, CDM Smith, etc.) to enhance FEMA’s Federal Flood Risk Management geospatial database by converting flood studies into raster mapped flood predictions.
  • Responsible for validating and accessing both existing hydrological data and historical research of FEMA’s flood hazard geospatial database, ensuring the accuracy, reliability, & validity of information crucial to the program’s success.
  • Designed a company wide survey aimed to optimize and enhance our use of GIS throughout ABS Group.

G.I.S. Assistant II (Remote)

North State Planning & Development Collective

2022 – 2023

  • Contributed to the maintenance and updating of the USGS National Hydrography & Watershed Boundary Dataset utilizing current landsat imagery and elevation data to edit the point, area, and line features and their associated attributes and metadata.
  • Demonstrated expertise in utilizing ArcMap to create and edit the point, area, and line features of these datasets and their associated attributes and metadata.
  • Developed comprehensive GIS documentation, encompassing detailed procedures and workflows, to ensure clarity and accessibility and ensured deadlines were met for individual and group work.
  • Ensured adherence to established compliance standards and data quality by actively participating in thorough quality assurance checks of the datasets and their features.
  • Collaborated seamlessly and maintained effective virtual communication with team members to achieve project completion with utmost precision and thoroughness.

Student Assistant & Tutor

California State University, Chico

2022 – 2023

  • Provided one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions to students in Physical Geography.
  • Assisted students with homework, assignments, and studying for exams.
  • Provided tips and strategies for effective studying and test-taking.
  • Helped students understand and overcome specific learning challenges.

Geography Club President

California State University, Chico

2022 – 2023

  • Planned and organized meetings and events for the club, including social activities, networking events, and practice interviews.
  • Collaborated with the city of Chico, other organizations, and departments on campus to promote the study of geography and encourage interdisciplinary connections.
  • Managed money with my club treasurer and fund-raised for club events and materials.
  • Kept records of club activities and events, and maintained the club’s website and social media presence. Ensuring the next club president could easily transition into the role.

Lifeguard & Instructor

Boy Scouts of America

2017 – 2019

  • Planned and conducted swimming and watercraft lessons for groups of various skill levels.
  • As a team of lifeguards, emphasized and enforced water safety rules and proper swimming techniques.
  • Responded promptly to emergency situations, including rescues and first aid.
  • Maintained a positive and approachable demeanor, contributing to a pleasant and safe aquatic environment.